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When Cell Phones Bite Back - Accidents While Walking and Texting


Now that text messaging has all but replaced human interaction, there is a growing epidemic of accidents occurring while texting – not just while driving either! Believe it or not, emergency rooms are seeing 4-times the number of patients that are injured while walking and texting at the same time. Don’t believe us? Well, below is a gallery of videos that shows just how serious (and funny) this problem has become.

1. Background Blunder:
Speaking of news reports, you don’t have to know what this CBC News story is about in order to appreciate the blunder in the background. Yep, look to the right and watch as the well-dressed businesswoman takes a tumble, while walking and texting at the same time.

2. Fountain FAIL:
Probably one of the most viral texting FAILS online, here is a classic moment where a woman is walking and texting her way through a crowded mall when all of the sudden, a large fountain comes out of nowhere and jumps directly into her path!

3. Brb … There’s a B-B-B-Bear !?!?!?! :-(
Imagine walking home one day, minding your own business and sending a quick text to your friend, only to look up and be face-to-face with a bear on the loose! Yeah, we’re guessing this guy didn’t have time to text brb to the person on the other line.

4. If Only There Were Cones:
Although there is no actual video of this accident occurring, listen to this story of 16-year-old Alexa and her unpleasant plunge into the muck of an uncovered manhole. Based on all the videos above, we’re not convinced cones would have made much of a difference.

5. Duck and Cover:
There’s nothing too fancy about this video but it remains hilarious nonetheless. In the end, this lady simply underestimates the height of the door that she’s trying to walk and text her way through.

6. Android Idiot:
Here’s a video of a guy that fully understands his stupidity. Yes, what must have been his least proudest moment in life, at least he laughs along with us and ultimately leaves us with a resounding life lesson: “Folks, don’t text and walk!”

7. The Final Compilation:
Lastly but not least, we’re going to end with one more “walking while texting” FAIL compilation. After all, we think you can agree, these compilations are the best bang for your buck and just too good to pass up. Enjoy the music!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of accidents from people walking and texting at the same time. While you might think your multi-tasking is innocent enough, let the foolishness of these victims prove to you that cell phones can bite back!