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Top Cell Phone Pranks

Most everyone has a cell phone and while some are using their device for the intended purpose of phone calls and text messaging, others are using them to get a good laugh. That said, we’ve scanned YouTube for some of the funniest cell phone gags in existence and listed them below. In no particular order, enjoy the top 8 cell phone pranks!

Top Cell Phone Pranks

1. Put Your Number in My Phone

Despite the fact that we said “in no particular order,” admittedly, this is our favorite prank on the list. While you might think that these guys are brave for brazenly demanding these girls’ phone numbers, really, the girls are the brave ones because they don’t even know these guys!

2. Convo Bombing

You’ve heard of photo bombing – you know, where someone un-welcomingly jumps into the background of a photo that’s being taken? Well, this guy is guilty of convo bombing and it’s pretty clever how he uses the poor victims’ words against themselves.

3. Come Fight Me
Here’s a prank that definitely deserves to be on the list. Of course, this bold character is bound to get himself into some trouble one day but, until then, we’re just happy he’s pulling hilarious pranks like this.

4. Exploding Cell Phones
While the previous pranks were all about the words and the conversation, here’s a very clever gag that doesn’t necessarily require words to be effective. Imagine the surprise in peoples’ eyes when they find out their phone is a weapon of mass destruction!

5. Snatch and Grab
Just like the fighter above, this guy is also cruisin’ for a bruisin’ if he ever encounters the wrong, aggressive individual. Luckily for him (and his snatch and grab prank), he’s never fully in danger, as most of the passive people just let him walk away.

6. Excuse Me
A brilliant display of well-timed dialogue and elusive acting, this prankster does an awesome job of making people feel foolish, when they have every reason not to. Some of these miscues are just too funny!

7. Cell Phone Idiot
We’ve all laughed at the person who mistakenly runs into a wall while texting but, when the script is flipped and it’s done intentionally, it’s even more fun to laugh at the folks that think they’re in the right … because the joke is on you!

8. Obnoxiously Loud
Who doesn’t get annoyed when the person next to has an obnoxiously loud ringer and/or conversation voice? Well, on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Jamie plays it perfectly and dupes an entire restaurant into thinking he’s That Guy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of cell phone pranks. Even though we really love cell phones for their original function, we still think it’s pretty funny to see what people come up with.