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Cupertino Phone Repair Joins the Effort to Reduce Distracted Driving

Cupertino Phone Repair ( is pleased to announce they're joining the fight on reducing distracted driving by launching "The Parent's Guide to Teen Driving Distractions" Cupertino believes that parents can significantly increase their teen's vehicle safety and has provided the guide with tips and education to help the cause.

Each day an average of 11 teens die while texting and driving and over 46% of teens admit to texting while driving.  "With these staggering numbers, it's important that parents become more aware of the realities surrounding their teen drivers and take quick action to reduce the number of casualties" said Laxmi Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Cupertino Phone Repair.  "We're joining the fight and hope that our visual guide will help parents across the world protect those that mean the most to them".

The visual guide offers parents great suggestions such as teaching by example, ensure hands free devices are used in teen cars and even signing a pledge.  Cupertino strongly believes that with a few simple steps taken by parents, distracted teen driving will be reduced and lives will be saved.

thumbnail.cupertino.distracted.driver

How Cell Phones are Ruining Communication

Everyone knows that smartphones have taken over the world and seem to be the one product teens can't live without.  They provide incredible tools and apps that simplify the world and increase our communication.  But are smartphones actually impacting social skills and our ability to have a conversation with another person?  Consider that 13% of cell phone users would rather use their phone for communicating rather than an in person interaction.  Even more alarming is the amount of time people spend on their phones in settings where they should be socially interacting.  

The following infographic makes a compelling case that smartphones are having an alarming impact on kids ability to communicate.  As smartphones continue to take over the world, it's important to recognize what impact they could have and how to ensure we're maintain our social skills

Pasted Graphic

Cracked iPhone Screen.

Many of us have experienced those dreaded milliseconds when you watch your iPhone fall from your hands and land with a thud on the ground.  We desperately hope that by some miracle our phone survived the impact.  However, we pick it and discover that the screen is shattered into a million little pieces.  You let out the mandatory expletives and then ask yourself NOW WHAT?    

With over 150,000,000 iPhones sold in 2013 alone, it's no wonder there are now so many options for fixing a shattered screen.  You can send it back to Apple, buy a "do it yourself kit", or have an independent third party fix it.  But what is the BEST option for you?  The following infographic details the pros and cons of the three best options an iPhone user has when they've broken their screen

Cracked.Screen.thumbnail 240 size

How Apple's iPhone is beating Android with 8 Punches

As the debate continues to heat up as to which smartphone is the best, we decided to do a little research of our own and see how the iPhone stacks up against the Android.  We found 8 compelling reasons why the iPhone continues to be the dominant leader in the industry.  When a consumer considers factors such as quality of apps, resale value, hardware, durability and usage, it's clear the iPhone has the edge.  Consider the facts in the following infographic:

CupertinoiPhone8PunchesBlogImage

How Smartphones are Saving Lives

As the years go by technology improves more and more. From making life easier to making life safer. Check out the graphic below that illustrates How iPhones are saving lives.

iPhone Saving Lives

Your iPhone’s long journey Home

Everyone knows that iPhones are made up of lots of tiny parts. Not everyone realizes that while your phone was designed in Cupertino, CA, the parts were manufactured all over the world before coming together to create a gadget that many Americans rely on every day. From the antenna switch module to the battery, your iPhone likely has roots in places like Texas, Korea, and Japan. [Via Business Insider] Read More...

How People break their iPhones and iPads

The number of mobile devices in the US and around the world has skyrocketed over the last decade.  There are more than 321 million smart phone users in the US alone and more than 122 million tablets were sold just last year.  With all the growth, it's no wonder that iPhone and iPad repair has become a billion dollar industry. The following infographic contains important information and tips for smartphone and tablet users.  It also details common breakages and what you can expect to pay for repair.

How People Break