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First in the US to offer iPad 4 Repairs

We became the 1st repair shop in the Nation to offer iPad 4 repairs. With iPad 4, Apple has changed the design of how the Home Button connects to the Logic Board. It makes it very difficult to do a Glass replacement as you have to be very careful with the Home Flex.

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We are the 1st in California to do iPad 3 repairs

We had started to do the iPad 3 repairs. We are the only repair shop in the California area offering iPad 3 repairs.

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Finally we started offering iPad repairs

We are never about just doing a repair, we are about perfection. We denied all iPad repair requests as we are overwhelmed with iPhone. But our customers kept beating us with requests upon requests. Finally we had to do it. We did several iPad repairs on our own to perfect the repair process of making sure the Glass is assembled clean and looks factory finish.

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