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iPhone Water Damage
We recommend Logic Board Repair only if you are looking for data recovery. We do not address board repair "For the Sake of the iPhone or iPad” being usable after repair.

We recommend Logic Board Repair only if you need the data.

  • This repair is recommended only for Data Recovery.
  • An Out of Warranty Exchange is recommended, if data is not of concern.
  • NO GUARANTEE is offered on Board Repair.
  • Use of this service may render your iPhone iPad unusable after repair.
What kind of Logic Board Repairs are available?
We do following kind of Logic Board Repair, charges are payable only if the data recovery is successful, please note iPhone iPad may end up being not usable after this repair option.

  • Water Damaged Board Repair for the sake of Data Recovery
  • iPhone Blue Screen of Death (BSOD Repair)
  • iPhone/iPad Backlight Filter Damage Repair
  • iPhone/iPad Logic Board Physical Damage Repair
My iPhone has Water Damage?
  • We recommend Water Repair first, if you are looking for data recovery.
  • If the Water Repair fails then we recommend Data Recovery, if the iPhone does not have visible board damage.
  • We suggest Board Repair, only if there is visible board damage or if Water Repair and Data Recovery fails.
My iPhone or iPad is not powering on and it does not have any water Damage.
  • If it is an iPhone not powering ON, then it may be as simple as a broken Charge Port or a Battery that needs replacement.
  • Please look at Data Recovery option.
  • If it still does not work with a new Battery or new Charge port, then only we suggest doing Board Repair.
We recommend Apple Out of Warranty Replacement for Water Damaged iPhone
If you are not worried about Data, then Apple Out of Warranty Replacement is the best way to get a refurbished iPhone as a replacement from Apple with Out of Warranty.
Independent Reviews
We do not post filtered customer reviews on our website. We rely on third-party websites beyond our control where customers post their experience with Cupertino Phone Repair. We have great reviews on Yelp. If your question or concern wasn’t addressed above, read our FAQ’s, or call us at our location.
We also sell Disk Drill Data Recovery software for Mac and windows
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  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Screen Repair
  • iPhone Charge Port Repair
  • iPhone Water Repair
  • iPhone Screen Repair
  • iPhone Home Button Repair
  • We Buy iPhone and iPad
  • iPhone Camera Repair
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CUPERTINO 408-490-1446

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SAN FRANCISCO 415-500-3375

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