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iPhone 4 4S Back Glass

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

Are you living with the Cracked Back Glass on your iPhone? We can help, iPhone Back Glass Replacement is available in range of Colors and is $24. Please note Apple logo is not available on the Back Glass. Price includes CA ST.
Fast Turn Around
Back Glass Replacements takes 15 Minutes to complete.
Independent Reviews
We rely on third-party websites beyond our control where customers post their experience with Cupertino Phone Repair. We have great reviews on yelp. If your question or concern wasn’t addressed above, read our FAQ, or call us at our location.
Data Integrity and Data Security
All your data stays the same on your iPhone and is not lost. If you wish, you can also PIN lock your iPhone.
If you have critical data, then we suggest doing backup before coming in for repair.
Brand New High Quality Parts
Unlike other repair shops, we do not buy used iPhone or iPad. We only use brand New High Quality Parts.