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iPhone Water Damage
Did you spill water on your iPhone? There’s a chance you can retrieve your valuable data. Our iPhone water repair services have helped many people in San Francisco, Cupertino, San Jose, and the Bay Area rescue their damaged devices.

Please read this article in full before bringing water-damaged iPhone for repairs.

  • NO GUARANTEE is offered on Water-Damaged iPhone Repair.
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What happens when water gets in the iPhone?
Once the water gets in the iPhone, it is very easy to make the water evaporate. But what remains after the evaporation kills iPhone components. Minerals form on the contacts and on the logic board, causing corrosion that eventually makes iPhone die.
What are the charges?
We charge a nonrefundable $39 fee for initial diagnostics, an additional $39 for a partially working iPhone OR an additional $99 for a fully working iPhone. If any additional parts are required we will inform you. Please note that the initial diagnostics charges of $39 will not be adjusted against final $39/$99 price. There is no guarantee that the iPhone will continue to work, so even if your iPhone die in a day there is no Guarantee. We recommend Water repair only for Data Recovery.
What do we do?
At step 1 we check your iPhone to see the level of minerals and corrosion; if we observe too much corrosion, we stop right there, as there is less than a 5% chance of it ever working. It’s not worth the time and money unless you are looking for data recovery.
What if we find that the damage is not that bad and the repair can be attempted?
Then we go to step 2: of deep cleaning of the logic board and components. We check if any parts need replacement, we will inform you and you will be charged for the parts upon your approval.
Now the result:
If the iPhone works perfectly after step 2, then you pay an additional $99. If the iPhone does not work perfectly after step 2, then you pay additional $39. If your iPhone is not working at all, you do not pay anything extra. Please note that the initial diagnostic charge of $39 is nonrefundable in all cases.
What if everything works but the camera?
You pay an additional $99 only if all the components in your iPhone are working; if anything is not working like the camera or Wi-Fi then you only pay only an additional $39.
What is the guarantee that the iPhone will continue to work?
We cannot guarantee success with our iPhone water repair service, considering the general nature of damage caused by water. We recommend water repair only as a last option; we suggest going with an Apple Out of Warranty option if you are not worried about data. Even if we get your iPhone working there is No Guarantee.
How much time?
It takes four (4) days to complete the whole cycle of diagnostics, repair, and testing.
What are the odds of it working again?
Water damage repairs for iPhone are very unpredictable; it all depends on the amount of water, mineral deposits, corrosion, and shorting of contacts on the board. The following are the outcomes which can happen with the water damage repairs:

1. Bootable-stable boards regain most if not all functionality and are completely data-recoverable. iPhone repair costs are all dependent on what parts it needs; the customer decides if it's worth it. Most boards will end up in this category after a proper diagnostic service.

2. Bootable-unstable (crashing, blue screen, red screen) boards are generally rare and too labor-intensive to repair, regardless of water type. These also include stable boards with bad LCD coils or boards that won't connect to cellular or read sim cards. Data recovery is usually difficult from this kind of board.

3. Non-bootable boards after diagnostics are clearly not worth working on. There is a slim chance of repair—and is not recommended.

4. Also note considering the corrosion, it may very well happen that your iPhone may end up in a worse situation than you brought in before repair. The cause of this is the water, corrosion, and minerals present in the iPhone; the process of removing them can cause irrecoverable damage to the board. So bring your iPhone only if you agree to this risk that comes with our water repair service.
Will my iPhone data be lost?
With our iPhone water repair service, there is less than a 10% chance that your data may be lost after the repair. We try to get it to work without losing the data. Sometimes even if the repair fails you might be able to retrieve the data.
Will Apple know that the iPhone was opened and a repair was done?
From the outside Apple cannot tell that the iPhone was opened. But if they open up the iPhone they will know that the repair was done. We have to remove the inside stickers and the metal cover EMI shield of the logic board for cleaning. With the missing sticker and missing metal shield on the logic board Apple can easily tell that the iPhone was opened.
Will I be charged for any parts installed in addition?
As part of our water damage repair service, we do deep cleaning. You will be charged for any additional parts required. We will inform you the part and the cost. Only after you approve we will install and charge you for it.
I do not care about my iPhone, Can you help me recover data?
Most of the time after successful water damage repair with full or partial recovery you should be able to connect your iPhone to iTunes and do a backup. If after water damage repair your iPhone is still not booting up and you need the data badly, we can see if your iPhone data can be recovered without worrying about a working iPhone. If we can connect your iPhone to iTunes to allow for backup then you agree to pay $179 for data recovery. Please note you will end up paying $39 for the initial diagnostic and $179 for data recovery after the failed water damage repair.
We recommend Apple Out of Warranty Replacement for Water Damaged iPhone
If you are not worried about Data, then Apple Out of Warranty Replacement is the best way to get a refurbished iPhone as a replacement from Apple with Out of Warranty.
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Data Integrity and Data Security
We will try our best to get your iPhone working to enable data recovery with our water damage repair service.
Water Repair takes Four Days
Water damage repair can take up to 4 days to complete its cleaning cycle.