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CUPERTINO 408-490-1446
Fill, Print and Ship with your iPhone/iPad.
Please do a backup of your device before shipping in, we are not responsible for Data Loss.
In a Rush; send your business card with your iPhone/iPad, we will call after diagnosis.
You can also write the info in plain sheet of paper if you do not have the printer handy.
If you live in San Francisco Bay Area, check our Store
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Do not send the iPhone 2G or iPod for repairs.
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You can pay later after Free Diagnosis. We will contact you with above information.
You can choose to provide this information later on the Phone when we call you.
You can also pay with USPS Money Order payable to “Cupertino iPhone Repair”.

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Circle One: 3 Day Shipping ($10) Overnight Shipping ($20)
If paying by credit card please sign here: that you agree to pay the amount of $ by charging to your above credit card. No need to sign if paid online or by Money Order.
Send the iPhone/iPad preferably in the original box or bubble wrap your iPhone/iPad securely.
not ship in Paper envelope, as it may get torn. Do not send charger or case with your iPhone/iPad.
Do the sync with iTunes, then turn off your iPhone/iPad. You can take the SIM out or leave it as is.
Please note FedEx Shipping will not happen on Saturdays Sundays and US Holidays.

Ship your iPhone/iPad with Insurance to:
21580 Stevens Creek Blvd # 105