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CUPERTINO 408-490-1446

We only service old Classic iPods ands all repairs starts at $199.

All Classic iPod repair depends on Parts availability and Prices depending on the Model.

The most common issue with iPod is Hard Disk which we change to SD Card Storage or the Battery.

It may take 15 days to 30 days for sometimes for parts to arrive

We do not service iPod Touch

Please call us for all iPod Repair.

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Peace of Mind with Guarantee
We guarantee iPod repairs for 60 Days. Please note accidental damages like glass breakage or bleeding LCD are not covered under the repair guarantee, as these damages are beyond our control. If any of our prior repair work is found faulty, we will do the repair for free. Please save your receipt.
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Independent Reviews from Trusted Sources
We do not post filtered customer reviews on our website. We rely on third-party websites beyond our control where customers post their experience with Cupertino Phone Repair. Please checkout our reviews on yelp. Read our FAQ page, About Us, or call us at our location.
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Brand New High-Quality Guaranteed Parts
We only use brand New High Quality Tested Parts for our MacBook repairs, which comes with the Guarantee.
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Data Protection and Security
We take careful precautions to protect your data during the MacBook repair process. For added protection, you can also lock your MacBook. If you have critical data to protect, we suggest performing a backup before coming in for repair.
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One-Day Turn Around with Appointment
All MacBook Repairs takes at least one day. San Francisco, Cupertino, San Jose, and Bay Area residents, to ensure your repair happens as quickly as possible, please call us to set an appointment at our physical location. Battery replacement are done within a day and for all other repairs we order MacBook parts after we inspect your MacBook and get it fixed within a day after parts arrival.